A motion laboratory where client work meets personal animation experiments.
Year: 2017-2019

@bakkenbaeck asked me to do a couple of animations based on their new logo to support the launch of the new identity and website.

My take on the recycle symbol submitted for @two_degrees_creative. The symbol is based on the triad Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and on the international recycling symbol, but it’s also a critic on why it's easy to produce and difficult to recycle.

Hive Helsinki a revolutionary new coding school. Kuudes is behind the branding, digital design, visual identity and spatial design of the new school. 

Heydays Oslo asked me to create an animation based on some graphic elements that they made for @vol.co.
Infinity loop for @heydaysoslo that created a wonderful identity for @urbnsharing , a platform that powers micromobility in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Edinburgh.

100k followers animation for Socio Design.

Heydays Oslo designed the new logo for Huddly and I’ve been asked by Heydays to create a techy animation yet simple based on the new logo, expanding it in to units and grid.

Animations for @wolffolins debate page 2018. Thanks @omse.co and @jameskape for giving me the opportunity to work on this project. 
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